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Salmon Falls Lodge

Updated August 18, 2014

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Introducing a Premiere, One of a Kind Property, located in Southeast Alaska




~ Salmon Falls Lodge ~

Ketchikan, Alaska


     Imagine arriving through a large, private gate, down a lush, tree-lined drive and out from the canopy of trees finding yourself in the middle of a beautiful, spacious, waterfront estate, Salmon Falls Lodge, the largest Lodge in Southeast Alaska.  Before you is a gorgeous, massive, rustic, yet elegant, lodge on a large piece of forested, waterfront property, where eagles & kingfishers perch on your deck railings and in your trees, swooping down after the abundant fish along your shore.

 A beautiful, cascading waterfall showers down beside the lodge, competing with the panoramic views of ocean water and islands.

Colors and hues change as the sun treks across the sky until the setting sun lies down in a glowing show of vibrant color, yet the show is not over until you watch the blue hues of the night sky turn from light blue to cobalt and the encore is to see the stars in the night sky above.



Abundant wildlife including bear, deer, seals, sea lions, otters, whales, porpoise, eagles, ducks, geese, mink & ermine abound...

...and every year five species of pacific salmon come together making your 'back yard' the famed 'Salmon Capital of the World'.  



Privacy, peaceful beauty, tranquility and the freshest, clean air.  A property like no other, Salmon Falls Lodge is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of real estate.  


 The Lodge location is private yet accessible by road...or by boat or float plane right to your own large dock, or by helicopter to the landing pad near the waterfall.  



      The Main Lodge, constructed of logs is massive, built in the shape of an octagon, with a huge piece of the Alaska Pipeline as the center piece.  The sweeping, waterfront view from within is beautiful.  You can sit and have breakfast, lunch and dinner with views watching seals, eagles, whales, etc.  Being on the water, the view (which you can see for miles) is always changing with the time of day, tides, & season.  The lodge boasts a fine chef's kitchen and a generous dining room & mezzanine plus a beautiful, full-length bar made from yellow cedar.  




      Ultimately, this is fine, Alaskan living at its best, whether for a business, a large family and/or to entertain guests or clients.

This is one of the largest pieces of waterfront property in the Ketchikan area, and by far one of the most picturesque.  


      Salmon Falls Lodge is a 51 room fishing lodge that can accommodate up to 100 people, making it Southeast Alaska’s largest fishing lodge.  Salmon Falls is located in a secluded, pristine, wilderness setting.  The lodge is surrounded by magnificent scenery, taking in the surrounding islands with their protected bays and inlets.  Salmon Falls offers far more than world class fishing for the avid sportsman, it is an ideal location for:

Family Estate

Fishing / Hunting Lodge

Naval or Coast Guard Military Base

Oceanic Research Headquarters

Cruise Ship Excursion Destination

Corporate Headquarters / Corporate Meetings, Retreats & Incentive Location

World Class Rehab Facility





      Salmon Falls began operation in 1987 - Designed as a deluxe alternative to existing facilities in the area, Salmon Falls Lodge was built to fill a niche in the rapidly increasing market for quality sport fishing in Alaska. 



     Accessible by road from the City of Ketchikan, Alaska, with daily jet service from Seattle and the West Coast, Salmon Falls is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growing awareness of Alaska as a travel destination.  Combined with the operating efficiencies realized from the use of local public utilities, accessibility, market awareness and capacity projects a significant profit potential for the lodge. 

During the past 25 operating years, the bulk of the facilities and equipment have been acquired to run a world class destination fishing lodge.  It is a total turnkey operation at this point.


Along the southern tip of Alaska's Inside Passage, salmon schools migrate from the open Pacific Ocean into protected fishing waters. 

This mass gathering of five species of Pacific Salmon is the reason that the area is recognized as the "Salmon Capital of the World".

This Lodge is located on Behm Canal, which is particularly noted for its strong runs of

Trophy Size King Salmon (Chinook)

Silver Salmon (Coho)

Pink Salmon (Humpback)

Red Salmon (Sockeye)

Chum Salmon

Halibut (frequently over 100 lbs. some weigh over 300 lbs)

Red Snapper

Sea Bass

Cod (numerous varieties)







The location is famous for its unsurpassed beauty, moderate climate, healthy fisheries and its ease of access.

 Salmon Falls Inc. is offering the sale of its resort property, Salmon Falls Lodge, together with all resort furnishings, vehicles and equipment.




  REAL ESTATE (Deeded):

            Upland Area                           369,389 sq. ft.                         8.48 Acres

            Tidelands                                110,033 sq. ft.                         2.53 Acres

            Total Site Area                        479,422 sq. ft.                       11.01 Acres      


            Ocean Frontage:                            997.72 ft.



BUILDINGS:                                        Bldg. Size                        Covered Porch/Deck

  1.  Main Lodge                                  8,795 sq. ft                             420 sq. ft.

  2.  Lower Lodge (36 Rooms)           10,528 sq. ft.                         2,800 sq. ft.      

  3.  Upper Lodge (16 Rooms)              7,224 sq. ft.                         3,316 sq. ft.      

  4.  Gift Shop                                       1,536 sq. ft.                            192 sq. ft.      

  5.  Laundry/Maintenance                       605 sq. ft.

  6.  Basement Storage                         1,120 sq. ft.

  7.  Lounge (Guest)                              2,160 sq. ft.

  8.  Water Storage                                  200 sq. ft.

  9.  Freezer Bldg.                                    320 sq. ft.

10.  Processing Bldg.                               560 sq. ft.

11.  Dockside Storage/Dorm Bldg.       7,500 sq. ft.

12.  Cedar Clan House                             672 sq. ft.

            Total Square Footage              41,220 sq. ft.                          6,728 sq. ft.




            Total                                          1,744 sq. ft.




1.  Pier                                                     1,180 sq. ft.

2.  Ramp                                                      700 sq. ft.

3.  Dock/Floats/Finger Floats                 19,000 sq. ft.

                                    Total                    20,880 sq. ft.




  1. Two   (2)   12 Passenger Vans
  2. Two   (2)   24 Passenger Buses
  3. One    (1)    5 Passenger Golf Cart
  4. One    (1)    4 Wheel John Deere Gator
  5. One    (1)    6 Wheel John Deere Gator
  6. One    (1)    Polaris ATV
  7. One    (1)    Polaris Ranger




  1.  All Dining Room Furnishings / Equipment
  2.  All Bar Furnishings / Equipment
  3.  All Kitchen Equipment
  4.  All Discovery Room Furnishings
  5.  All Hotel Room Furnishings
  6.  All Laundry Room Equipment
  7.  All Guest Lounge Furnishings
  8.  All Water Supply Equipment
  9.  All (3) Walk-in Freezers
  10.  All Dorm Furnishings
  11.  All Dishes, Linens, Cleaning Equipment
  12.  All Office Furnishings / Equipment
  13.  All Workout Equipment




            Land Value                 997.72 ft. Ocean Frontage @ $ 2,500.00 =  $    2,494,300.00

            Tide Lands Value       110,033 sq. ft.                    @ $      12.00 =  $    1,320,396.00

            Bldg. Value                   41,220 sq. ft.                    @ $    240.00 =  $   9,892,800.00

            Covered Decks               6,728 sq. ft.                    @ $      25.00 =  $      168,200.00

            Dock System                 20,880 sq. ft.                    @ $      35.00 =  $      730,800.00

            Vehicles                                                                                            $        60,000.00

                                                                                                                      $ 14,498,296.00

            Misc. Equipment / Furnishings                                                        $        500,000.00

                                                Total                                                             $  14,998,296.00


ESTIMATED REPLACEMENT COST:                                                      $ 18,500,000.00


SALE PRICE:                                                                                               $ 12,000,000.00




            1 – Artwork

            2 – Animal Mounts

            3 – Native Art / Artifacts with exception of six large totem poles on lower hotel  

                  and pump house stump.




For more information or if you would like to view Salmon Falls Lodge,

please feel free to call Shirley White at  800-247-9059,  907-225-2752  or  907-617-7335.

Email:  salmonfallslodge@live.com














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